Citymapper's mission is to make cities easier to use.

We believe cities are complicated. And your mobile should save you from the everyday challenges of living in them. 

We're a small dedicated team based in East London with backgrounds in transport, Google, apps, design, investing and academia. We're venture capital backed by the top investors in Europe.

We're motivated by solving hard fundamental everyday problems that improve the quality of people's lives. We like simplifying complexity, reinventing user experience, working with data, shipping fast, and humanising a serious space.

We're actively hiring now (April, 2014)


Based in London. Competitive pay and stock options. Travel to fancy places. Ride buses. Save lives. Work on stuff that will ship to millions (billions?).

No Recruiters please. We will not respond.

Developers  -  APPLY on this old-school form 

Multiple opportunities. The majority of the team are developers and everyone will see your application.

Mobile and web developers. Back end, data pipeline and infrastructure. Routing and algorithms. Data science and analytics. VP engineering and architecture. Other top secret projects.

Designers  -  APPLY

Multiple opportunities. Interaction, UX, visual, branding. Mobile(!) and web. 

Product  -  APPLY

Product related roles. 

Partnerships / Business Development -  APPLY

Manage our relationships, research, deals.

Marketing  -  APPLY

Expansion, product, voice and someone to manage it all.

Community Management - APPLY

Community, communication.

Super Hero/ City Leads - APPLY

Represent your city. 

Growth Hacker - APPLY

Because billion is the new million.

Internships  -  APPLY

We're open to a variety of short-term and part-time roles.


We like people more than roles. If none of the above roles fits, feel free to write to us here.

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